Door Closers & Concealed Door Closers

We thought that it would be helpful to teach you some things to note about door closers, concealed door closers, and other types of hardware.

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3/4″ Thick Glass Door requires a heavy-duty door closer.

An Issue With Their Concealed Door Closer

Door closers are a vital part of the door system. What was the specific problem causing the door to not close flush with the door frame? At this location on Long Island, the client’s door was not closing all the way.

Their heavy door with ¾” of glass remained open and was not engaging with the top Maglock, most likely due to a leaking concealed door closer.

Specifically what is a maglock system?

It is an electrical device that locks the door in place when the door is closed. This can be due to a variety of issues, so troubleshooting was necessary.

How did we remedy the problem with their commercial door?

We at NYC Doors removed the door, the alarm system, and Maglock altogether. Then, our technicians removed the leaking concealed door closer and replaced it with a heavy-duty one which could withstand above-average wear and tear from daily usage. The door immediately returned to its proper working order.

door closer

Old and leaking door closer compare to the new heavy-duty concealed door closer.

This begs the question, when do you need to replace a door closer?

As with anything mechanical, there will come a time when you will need to replace your concealed door closer. For example, if you notice the door is no longer closing fully, the door may require a small adjustment.

What If this does not solve the problem?

Then you are better off calling professionals such as ourselves to troubleshoot the issue and avoid further damage. This is because the problem could be due to the door hardware itself, which adjustments cannot fix.

Concealed Door Closer

The purpose of the concealed door closer is to ensure that the door remains closed during a fire or to prevent someone from getting onto your property. They are extremely important, so when they fail to do their job, it may be time for a new one!

The Door Makes Noise Upon Opening and Closing

In this video, the glass door was making excessive noise upon closing, we replaced the door closed for a smooth closing.

door closer

What could be causing your door to make excessive noise? If you know your door closer is in proper working order, the root of this issue may be the patch fitting of the door.

Patch Fittings 

Patch fittings are a frameless glass concept which evolved as a modern interior and exterior design option for commercial and residential projects. In patch fittings, silicone sealants are used in between the segmented glass to act as a cushion between the glass panels.

It’s Not as Rare as You Think

When the patch fitting is worn out from overuse, there is a small gap between two pieces of metal that leads to a loud banging noise upon opening and closing. This should be dealt with quickly to ensure the comfort of your clients and customers. 

glass door repair long island

Here are some other factors to consider:

  • Is the door slamming? It is possible that the hydraulic fluid or oil has leaked out, or that the valve seals are worn. If an adjustment doesn’t help, then it is probably replacement time.
  • If the door closer has no tension, this means the spring is broken and a replacement is necessary.
  • Also, is any hydraulic fluid leaking— even slightly?  Without this essential fluid, the door will fail to open and close properly.

Why is the proper functioning of door closers so important?

  • In order to keep your fire door closed, thus keeping smoke and fire at bay and allowing you to exit the premises safely.
  • To prevent any unauthorized person from gaining access to your property/premises either when you are there or in your absence (access control).
  • Finally, this will prevent injury or damage, to anyone or anything, from a very heavy door slamming shut.
glass door with concealed door closer

Importance of Good Door Closers

As you can see, a properly functioning door closer is imperative for your own safety as well as those around you. Worried about the look for your property? Don’t worry! We supply and install concealed door closers too.

Aside from this, we can improve the security of your premises by repairing door hinges, door frames, and the like. What’s more, we offer many types of doors available for installation, including commercial doors, residential doors, glass doors, fire rated doors, wood doors, and much more. Give us a call today!

Service And Support

Our technicians fix and install all types of doors and door closers on a daily basis. They are knowledgable and very experienced. When doors start to become hard to open and close, this is not something you want to ignore for the safety of your clients.

Your door is in good hands when you use our service. Call Door Repair NYC 212-202-0491.

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