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Overhead Concealed Door Closer

Concealed closers are fitted into recesses in the door and frame. Thus, they aren’t visible when the door is closed. They are available as hydraulic or spring-loaded versions, and they are typically used for interior doors that are fairly light.

Surface-mounted Door Closer

These types of door closers are fitted to the door frame, with a bar along the back of the door. Typically, these are fairly small in size, and they can be used to match the color of the door. They are a cost-effective option for automatically closing doors.

Floor-Spring Door Closer

Floor-spring closers are typically used on glass storefront doors. They are mounted in the floor and are concealed. Floor-spring closers typically have an open setting, so that they can be left open. This closer is installed beneath the door, under the floor or in the ground.

Leaking Oil Door Closers

Don’t Overlook Leaking Door Closers!

When the oil drains from the cylinder, the closer’s ability to control the door is lost. If total leakage were to occur, the door would swing freely, possibly leading to injuries as well as costly damage to the door and frame.

As you can see above, these devices are offered in three basic model types, the most common is the surface mounted door closer. The second type is overhead concealed door closer and the third type of door closer is the floor door closer.

A Leaking Door Closer

Leaking closers are a maintenance problem that often may go unnoticed. When a closer leaks it presents a potential hazard to those entering and exiting a doorway.

The oil inside the mechanism drips down and can make floors extremely slippery, not to mention staining clothing and personal belongings of those passing beneath the device. More importantly, when the oil drains from the cylinder, the closer’s ability to control the door is lost. If this were to occur, the door swings freely and will start slamming and could lead to personal injuries as well as costly damage to the door and frame.


Potential Hazards Associated with a Door Closer Leak

When door closers lose their supply of oil due to leakage, they also lose their ability to effectively control the closing of the corresponding door. Not only is the resultant slamming of the door unpleasant for customers and employees, but a free-swinging door is also a safety hazard for anyone in the vicinity. Additionally, uncontrolled closing may induce damage to both the door frame and to the door itself, leading to unnecessary and avoidable costs.

Aside from door slamming and damages to the door frame, fixing a leaking door closer should be a top priority for another reason as well.

A door closer’s location makes it a perfect opportunity for a safety hazard. When door closers leak, the oil makes the floor extremely slippery and, likewise, passage through the doorway extremely dangerous. Furthermore, the leaking oil may directly hit anyone who passes beneath the door closer and can also stain personal belongings.

Door Closer Adjustment

Providing Closers Adjustment Service in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx, as well as all across Long Island.

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Hydraulic door closer ensure that the doors close smoothly without slamming. The door closer shouldn’t resist a normal motion or need extra effort to open or close the door.
There are many ways to improve the functioning of a hydraulic door closer and enhance its longevity. Most of the time, a jammed door is a result of a malfunctioned door closer that asks for top-priority repair. If the door isn’t functioning as desired, the spring tension system has failed or you notice oil dripping from the closer, it’s time to replace the door closer and you should contact Door Repair NYC for the repair job.

We’ve Been Repairing And Installing Doors & Doors Hardware For Over 10 Years

At Door Repair NYC, we take pride in providing you with the latest products and installation methods, as well as prompt and reliable services. As such, we guarantee superior results and satisfaction.

Mounted Closers

In the case of floor mounted closers, it is harder to spot if the unit is leaking as it is with concealed transom closers which are mounted in the head of the frame. Both these units are usually fitted to doors that open both ways.

If you have an armour plate glass door in your building you will have one of these two fitted. If they start slamming then you need to contact us immediately as this can have serious repercussions.

It can cause the door to break and these are very expensive to replace. So, if you see any of the signs of oil leakage as shown in the photos then contact us for a free quote. We can rectify the problem before injury or damage occurs.

Supply and Installation of Closers

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Power Operators

A power operator like a closer is designed to function on doors that are in adjustment and able to smoothly open, close and latch. If the door closer or operator stops functioning, check the operation of the door.

One significant problem is the door closer in addition to closing the door is used to act as the doorstop. When this device is used as a doorstop, the closer body and arm mounting screws are pulled beyond anything that is part of their operational design. The mounting screws are pulled; excess pressure is exerted against the spindle and seals. For many applications, a stop can be installed to prevent the door from opening beyond the installed limits.

Quality Door Closers

We provide a wide range of door closers and parts that provide safety and security. These closers are designed to meet the functional and visual goals of any commercial building.

Surface-applied and concealed closers create many design options. Surface closers are available with a range of specialty arms, mounting plates, brackets and painted finishes to suit almost any door.

Closers can be used with aluminum, wood, or hollow metal doors and frames.

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Don’t waste your time and money

Different brands and different models of door closers deliver very different performance. Also, some closers have stay open features. It is always best to choose the door closer which is best suited for the job at hand because, the installation of the incorrect one nearly always, results in a waste of time and money.

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