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Door Repair NYC fixes all types of automatic doors related mechanisms–including rollers, frames, and parts–in a timely manner.

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Automatic sliding doors are often used in office buildings, hotels, commercial spaces, and other client-focused businesses that prioritize service and ADA accessibility.


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Commercial Automatic Door

Looking For A New Door?

Are you looking to updated existing doors or to buy new doors?

We offer effective solutions for door automation at any facility, no matter the size. The options are practically unlimited– you can choose from overhead concealed, surface mounted, telescopic, or all-glass sliding doors.


  1. Accessibility
  2. Safety
  3. Energy efficiency 
  4. Security
  5. Space-saving
  6. Allows natural light in
  7. Environmentally friendly
  8. Stylistically appealing

ADA Automatic Doors

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Automatic door operators are used to making door openings accessible and meet the guidelines of ADA, but they also provide added convenience for a wider range of users. We have been supplying and installing these doors for businesses in NYC for over a decade.

Accessible doors welcome everyone – and they’re required by law.

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Automatic Sliding Doors

Automatic sliding doors are used to implement the widest range of application requirements within a building.

They are compact, durable, power saving, and can be enhanced with a variety of security and safety options.

Aluminum and Glass Sliding Doors | Entry Sliding Door Repair

Automatic sliding doors

Revolving Doors

Automatic revolving doors are an economical way to reduce a building’s energy costs while enhancing interior comfort and creating a stylish entrance.

We service the following brands of revolving doors: Boon Edam, Besam, Horton, Crane. 

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Automatic Swinging Doors

Swing doors offer a versatile and compact entrance and take up minimal wall width while providing directional traffic in your facility. With access to multiple OEMs, we are able to provide an extensive array of surface-mounted and concealed swing door options.

Automatic Folding Doors

In NYC, where space is at a premium, sliding/folding doors allow quick entrance and egress. Ideally suited to buildings with narrow entrances, they are the perfect solution for restaurants, hotels, business premises, hospitals and homes for the elderly, as well as offices and private buildings.


ICU/CCU Sliding Door Systems provides simple, easy, attractive access in and out of patient rooms. These sliding doors are available in trackless two- and four-panel or three- and six-panel telescoping configurations and can be equipped with standard or trackless bottom guide operation. We work with you to find the best solution for your business needs!


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