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Commercial sliding doors installation and replacement.

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Door Repair NYC fixes all types of sliding doors and door mechanisms–including rollers, frames, and other parts–in a timely manner.

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Services:  Track Repair | Glass Door Repair | Roller Replacement | Sliding Door Fittings

Our primary services include all the needed repair for your sliding doors. We also offer maintenance services to prevent normal wear and tear.

Looking For A New Sliding Door?

Are you looking to replace existing doors or buy new doors?

If your business is short on space and you want a modern and beautiful entrance, a wide opening and efficient directional traffic, then sliding glass doors are the perfect solution.

We offer effective solutions for door automation at any facility. The options are practically unlimited – you can choose from overhead concealed, surface mount, telescopic, or all-glass sliding doors.

When you need an open channel for two-way traffic, sliding automatic doors are ideal. Available as single or bi-parting, these doors also have a breakout or breakaway feature that allows someone to push them out in case of emergency.

We Specialise In Sliding Door Repair!

Our technicians are fully trained and have all of the relevant skills and experience needed to repair your sliding automatic doors. We’ll arrive on time for your sliding door repair.

Call us or email us today about your sliding door and we’ll get it sliding as it should.

We carry the complete range of hardware and parts needed for the many different sliding door brands in NYC.

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Commercial Sliding Doors

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Automatic Sliding Doors

The automatic sliding doors are used to implement the widest range of application requirements within a building.

They are compact, durable, power saving, and can be enhanced with a variety of security and safety options. Whichever door you choose, ensure there are sensors in place that detect someone in the entryway.


  1. Energy efficiency
  2. Indoor/outdoor flow
  3. Safety
  4. Security
  5. Space-saving
  6. Allows natural light in
  7. Easy access
  8. Environmentally friendly
  9. Style

Storefront Doors

Repair & Maintenance

Yearly Maintenance Contract for your Sliding Doors
With the chosen repair, your maintenance contract covers the replacement of components that are likely to experience wear during regular equipment use.

Response Time
With our unparalleled response time, a service technician will be there within hours to repair your sliding door and have your business running smoothly in no time at all.

Commercial Door Repair

Automatic Swinging Doors

Swing doors offer a versatile and compact entrance that take up minimal wall width while providing directional traffic in your facility. With access to multiple OEMs, NYC Door Repair is able to provide an extensive array of surface-mounted and concealed swing door options.


Automatic Folding Doors

Where space is at a premium, slide/fold doors allow quick and easy access. Ideally suited to buildings with narrow entrances, they are the perfect solution for restaurants, hotels, business premises, hospitals and homes for the elderly, as well as offices and private buildings.

Our mission is to provide our customers with the convenience expected from their automatic folding doors while maintaining the latest safety standards that their patrons deserve.



ICU/CCU Sliding Door Systems provides simple, easy, attractive access in and out of patient rooms. These sliding doors are available in trackless two- and four-panel or three- and six-panel telescoping configurations and can be equipped with standard or trackless bottom guide operation.


ADA Automatic Doors

Door Repair NYC provides a low energy operator that can automate virtually any swing door: new or existing. Engineered to meet the most difficult applications, the operating mechanism installs on the door frame in place of a conventional closer and works with virtually any wood, metal or glass door. The low energy design makes it a very cost-effective method to automate a swing door, transforming your existing manual door into a barrier-free ADA compliant entrance.

Automatic Sliding Doors and Replacement Door Panels
When you need a replacement door panel because of a snatch and grab, weather damage, drive-through, or break-in, call us! We provide top of the line packaging to secure your order. We have many manufacturers available, including Stanley, Besam, and Horton. Not only do we provide replacement door panels, but we can also provide the replacement parts as well.

Revolving Doors

Automatic revolving doors are an economical way to reduce a building’s energy costs while enhancing interior comfort and creating a stylish entrance.

Our mission is to provide our customers with the convenience expected from their revolving doors, which includes: 2-wing, 3-wing, and 4-wing options while maintaining the latest safety standards that their patrons deserve.

We service all of the following brands of revolving doors: Boon Edam, Besam, Horton, and Crane. (Other manufacturers upon request.)


What is our mission? Simply put, to provide our customers with the convenience expected from their automatic swinging (single swing, simultaneous pair or dual egress) doors while maintaining the latest safety standards that their patrons deserve. All of our technicians are certified, trained on all makes and models, and drive fully stocked vans to cut down on costly return trips– meaning lower prices for you.

Our support personnel provides dispatch, quotes on demand and project management services. Our technicians are trained to check your automatic swinging door for compliance with the American National Standards Institute. Retrofitting is available for all makes and models of swinging doors, which extends the life of your doors, again lowering costs on your end.

We make adjustments to speed, assure functionality, safety, lube and adjust, check for loose screws, sensors, and safety decals. Doors are inspected to current safety standards. Our technicians evaluate the condition of the door operation, weather seals, bottom sweeps, controller and motor operation, pivots and arms, then make the necessary repairs after consulting with you.

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