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Glass Door Repair Company

Commercial glass door repair NYC and glass replacement.

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Commercial Glass Door Reapir NYC

Entrance Glass Doors

We repair all types of glass doors and door mechanisms–including entrance glass and revolving doors–in a timely manner.

Storefront Doors

Storefront glass door hardware, and storefront glass door repairs is part of our daily service in New York City and Long Island.

Glass Doors

Specializing in low-cost entry door repair options to help you keep your doors functioning better and lasting longer.

Office Glass Doors

Glassdoor repair, interior and entrance office glass door repair, and replacement to keep your workspace welcoming and safe.

Glass Door Repair Company

Door Repair NYC provides Glass Door Repair NYC Service in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx, as well as all across Long Island.

We offer the best commercial door repair services at the fairest prices.

Call us today at 212-202-0491 for efficient and professional door repair and/or installation.

Door Making Excessive Noise

In this video, a conference room door was making excessive noise upon closing. Our expert technicians replaced the hold open door closer and the top glass patch to get the door closing smoothly again.

Glass Door Hinge Options

The most common hinge options include butt hinges, offset pivots, center hung and continuous hinges. Center hung doors generally have a concealed overhead closure and they pivot on the center axis of the door, whereas the other three hinge options use a pivot point attached to the doorframe. On the other hand, continuous hinges, run the complete height of the door, whereas butt hinges are very similar to what you would find on the interior doors of a typical building. When it comes to commercial glass doors, offset pivot hinge offers the most inexpensive and basic option.

The other type of closer would be a surface-mounted closer where it mounts directly to either the surface of the door or the face of the frame instead of being concealed.

Glass Door Frames

When it comes to glass office doors, aluminum frames are arguably the best option because aluminum is a strong, versatile and durable material. Because of these properties, aluminum frame profiles can be slim, allowing in more light. Aluminum is resistant to temperate-related expansion and contraction issues, meaning it does not warp or deform due to temperature variations. As a result, aluminum is a low-maintenance material that delivers high levels of security and aesthetic beauty.

Glass Door Handles and Locking Mechanisms

Door handle options range from standard handles to indent handles, whereas locking mechanisms range from wheel locks to latch mechanism key cylinders and thumbturn for sliders. As a side note, our sister company Locksmith Guys offers lock repairs as well as locks installation. Like us, they are fully insured, therefore, we highly recommend their services.

We’ve Been Repairing And Installing Glass Doors In NYC For Over 10 Years

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Our first priority is your utmost satisfaction.

Some of the key considerations when choosing a glass door installation and door repair company include accreditation, guarantee, and expertise.

At Door Repair NYC, we take pride in providing you with the latest products and installation methods, as well as prompt and reliable services. As such, we guarantee superior results and satisfaction.

Frameless Glass Door Installed Or Repaired

All the doors are supplied with push and pull hardware, maximum security locks, and easily accommodate a wide variety of custom hardware for specific job requirements.
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