Roll-Up Doors Installation and Repair

Commercial roll-up doors are available in a variety of slat types and materials, our complete line of rolling doors and counter shutters perform in the most demanding industrial environments. Door Repair NYC, Door Repair Service can supply, install and repair roll-up doors for your property. Commercial door installations and repairs including malls, warehouses, loading docks, parking and car dealerships etc’…

Rolling Gate

Roll Up Door Services include: Door installation and door repairs

Door Repair NYC installs and repair roll up doors, rolling gates for your commercial property, we supply high quality door parts and we are providing inspection and maintenance services.

We are a Door Repair NYC Garage Door Service that also specializes in servicing rolling gates and rolling shutter doors. We are most trusted and highly recommended suppliers and installers of rolling gates, shutter doors and windows. We will be happy to provide referrals from our customers if needed and we will work hard to make sure that you are delighted both with the process and our products.

Our teams of technicians are experienced, knowledgeable and polite with the latest technology, always ready to work, assisting you with any gate or door situation.

Rolling Gates


Solid rolling doors and gates are ideal for security against unwanted entry and protection against detrimental weather conditions such as heavy rain or snow. The steel design of the solid gate can be implemented in both an interior and exterior manner, allowing the use of this gate in both commercial and residential spaces. Whether rolling doors or gates, the standard design model can either insulate against extreme weather conditions, or ventilate with perforated curtains.

Security Grille

Security grille rolling gates are designed to allow visibility and air circulation while providing general area protection. These grilles gates can be used at shopping malls,storefronts, and parking garages.

Rollup Doors

Whether you’re looking to secure your home, garage, business, or anywhere else, steel curtain rollup doors are very popular choices for many people. Door Services NYC delivering a high quality cost effective product is our standard and that is just why our doors have been chosen by many companies, small and large.

Perforated Gates

Whether you’re looking to secure your home, garage, business, or anywhere else, steel curtain rollup doors are very popular choices for many people. Door Services NYC delivering a high quality cost effective product is our standard and that is just why our doors have been chosen by many companies, small and large.


Commercial Security Rolling Grille Doors- When security and visibility are primary considerations, choose security grille. The grille pattern, available in straight or brick, offers an unobstructed view of displays and merchandise. The security rolling grilles offer protection against theft and vandalism – all with a contemporary look.

Commercial Light-Duty Rolling Doors- Steel roll-up doors ideal for light-duty commercial use in everything from warehouses and farms to recreational storage and auto body shops. Available with electric motors and multiple mounting options, are versatile and low maintenance.

Commercial Heavy-Duty Rolling Doors- Perfect for heavy-traffic use, commercial metal rolling doors are suitable for warehouses, loading docks, terminals and distribution centers. Commercial roll-up door features heavy-duty brackets, a high-cycle spring life and continuous-duty design.

Our doors are designed and manufactured with durability, quick installation, ease of maintenance in mind.


Roll-up Doors Manual vs. Electric Roll-up Doors: The Pros and Cons There are two types of roll-up doors commonly found in homes across the country: manual and electric.  Manual roll-up doors are most commonly found in older properties. These doors are usually affixed on large hinges, and are operated by physically lifting the door open and closed.

MANUAL ROLL-UP DOOR PROS Today, manual doors are much less common than their electric counterparts. There are, however, still a few reasons one might consider installing this type of door. For instance, the cost; they are usually much cheaper. Installation is many times easier as well as there are no electronic components. And since manual doors operate without batteries or electricity, your door will still work in a power outage. Also, you won’t have to worry about replacing remote batteries.

MANUAL ROLL-UP DOOR CONS The disadvantage to a manual roll-up door outweigh the positives for many owners. The biggest defect is often the manual operation of the door. There is nothing convenient about lifting your roll-up door order to open it or push it down to close it. For some people, this process may be too physically demanding. Electric Roll-up Doors Electric roll-up doors have been around since the 1920’s, but weren’t popularized until after 1945. The most popular type of electric roll-up door is the sectional door. These doors are usually comprised of three to eight sections, hinged together and attached to rollers on a metal track. The door is connected to an opener, and when activated it pulls the door up along the track into the roll-up.

ELECTRIC ROLL-UP DOOR PROS Electric roll-up doors are the most popular choice for store owners. This is largely due to their convenience. The ability to raise and lower your roll-up door with a push of a button is far easier than opening a manually operated door. But with electric doors, there are many additional features you can add to further improve your roll-up door. Automatic roll-up doors have an array of safety features as well. This includes sensors that detect objects in the door’s path. When triggered, they will either stop or reverse the direction of the door to prevent damage or injuries. And while your automatic door will not work fully in a power outage, they come equipped with a release cord. This allows you to raise or lower the door manually in an emergency.

ELECTRIC ROLL-UP DOOR CONS The downsides to electric roll-up doors are minimal. Because of their many components, installation of electric doors is often more time consuming. These doors often tend to be the more expensive option as well. There is also added maintenance that comes with owning an electric roll-up door.