Overhead Roll-Up Doors

A complete line of rolling doors and counter shutters.


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Roll-Up Doors

Whether you’re looking to secure your garage, business, or anywhere else, steel curtain roll-up doors are a very popular choice.

Door Repair NYC delivers a high-quality, cost-effective product. That is our standard and that is just why our doors have been chosen by many companies of all sizes.

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Security Grille Doors

Aluminum or steel grilles to secure areas requiring visual access and air circulation.

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Perforated Gates

Whether you are looking to secure your garage, business, or anywhere else, steel curtain roll-up doors are very popular choices for many people for the protection and circulation they offer.

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Commercial Heavy-Duty Rolling Doors

Perfect for heavy-traffic use, commercial metal rolling doors are suitable for warehouses, loading docks, terminals, and distribution centers. Commercial roll-up door features heavy-duty brackets, a high-cycle spring life, and continuous-duty design. 

Commercial Light-Duty Rolling Doors

Steel roll-up doors are ideal for light-duty commercial use in everything from warehouses and farms to recreational storage and auto body shops. Available with electric motors and multiple mounting options, they are versatile and low maintenance.

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Rolling Grille Doors

When security and visibility are primary considerations, choose security grille doors. The grille pattern, available in straight or brick, offers an unobstructed view of displays and merchandise. The security rolling grilles offer protection against theft and vandalism – all with a contemporary look.

Roll-Up Doors Installation and Repair

Commercial roll-up doors are available in a variety of slat types and materials. Our complete line of rolling doors and counter shutters perform in the most demanding industrial environments. 

Commercial door installations and repairs we have done include malls, warehouses, loading docks, parking garages, car dealerships, etc…

Rolling Gates NYC

Roll-up doors and rolling gates are ideal for security against unwanted entry and protection against detrimental weather conditions such as heavy rain or snow.

The steel design of the solid gate can be implemented in both an interior and exterior manner, allowing the use of this gate in both commercial and residential spaces.

Most standard design models of rolling doors/gates can either insulate against extreme weather conditions or ventilate with perforated curtains, depending on your preferences.

Door Installation and Repairs

Where do we come in? We install and repair roll-up doors for your commercial/residential property, we supply high-quality door parts, and we also provide inspection and maintenance services.

We are a Door Repair NYC Door Service Company, that also specializes in servicing overhead roll-up door and shutters.

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Fire Shutters

When it comes to Fire Door Solutions, our fire doors and fireproof shutters are installed in places where fires are more likely to occur.

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Window Shutter

Perforated rolling window shutters like the ones we sell provide visibility and air circulation while providing effective protection against theft and bad weather.

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Custom Doors

From traditional sectional doors to unique, impeccable styles– we have it all. For your utmost satisfaction, don’t hesitate, give us a call today!