Fireproof Metal Doors

Is it time to check your Fire Metal Door?

Have your fire doors inspected to ensure compliance in accordance with the federal, state, and local regulations.

Fire-Rated Steel Doors

  • Fire-Rated steel doors
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  • Great Energy Savings
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Door Closers Installation

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Like a any door, the doors of your business affects customers’ impression about your business. Not only does the door need to have a certain level of look, but it also needs to facilitate safe passage in and out of the building. When people encounter your business, you need to ensure that you do everything possible to keep customer loyalty, including the easy operation of your door.

Hydraulic door closers have a similar design in that they all have a spring which causes the door to close and they all have a piston with a hydraulic seal which moves along the cylinder.

Fire Doors

If your doors are fire doors, then they need to be kept closed at all times (unless being used, of course) to stop the spread of fire. This is achieved with door closers which can be uncomfortable as you want to move freely through your apartment without having to open heavy fire doors. Anther option is to use fire door retainers, these will keep the fire doors open, though. A fire door retainer will release the fire door and allow the door to close when there is a fire alarm going off.