Commercial Doors

Fire-Rated, Commercial Steel Doors, Glass and wood Doors.

Modern Commercial Doors Installation & Repair

Revolving Doors

We repair all types of glass doors and door mechanisms–including entrance glass and revolving doors.

Storefront Doors

Service for storefront doors and door mechanisms, including frames and locks a timely manner.

Fireproof Doors

Exit and Fire-rated doors door mechanisms and hardware this service is offered to businesses in NYC.

Glass Doors

We repair all type of commercial doors and door mechanisms, including pivots, hinges, frame, and closers.

Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens – NYC Doors

No job is too big or too small for us to do! We have over ten years of experience, helping to keep New York’s business doors running smoothly and efficiently. How do we do that? By repairing their commercial storefront doors. As a safety procosious, we always maintain a safe and secure space.
Furthermore, our company manages contracts of all sizes from complete new construction to standard day to day maintenance and repairs.

Damaged Doors, Door Hardware

With vast experience, we know how to repair all types of impact-damaged doors, poorly maintained doors, and associated electrical faults. Common repair issues include normal wear and tear as well as damage from high traffic.

Security Door Locks and Hardware

Looking for heavy-duty door hardware for your office, hotel, hospital, or other high traffic building? We have an extensive line of commercial door hardware. Commercial Locks Grade 1 Cylindrical or Mortise lock, Entry, Passage, Privacy locks, Lever Handle, Knobs for commercial, institutional, and industrial.


Solutions For Commercial Doors

Exprienced technicians take pride in their work and have the skills to adapt to varying circumstances in order to find the best solution for you and your business.

You can be sure that we will make any effort to ensure Door Repair NYC provides you with the ultimate service. Our office in the city will coordinate the installation with your business site.

Our technitions are first and best when it comes to working with all doors, providing years of industry expertise as well as skill for all repairs and installs. As a result, you will have a top-notch door service that will keep your business and merchandise secure and protected.

Hardware For Commercial Doors

Tune up your door’s hardware and weather seals for long-lasting performance.

Buildings; Residential and Commercial

Having an idea for a stylish door? We specialize in all aspects of commercial building glass, metal, and door maintenance and operate long hours every day.

If there is a need for specific hours due to security or lots of people trafic, we can work at night or very early in the morning.

Commercial Door Repair Service

Offering top quality commercial door repair services at the fairest prices, we like to think of ourselves as the leading company for door repair in NYC.

Learn more today about efficient and professional door repair and/or installation, call 212-202-0491.

Do You Have A Commercial Door?

Whether you are looking for a leaking oil door closer repair or an entirely new commercial door, we are the best industrial door company in NYC.

Our customers know that when they call us, we will always answer. They know that when they need a door repair service, we are still there to solve the problem.

The vast experience we have gained by working on a wide range of jobs and projects over many years prepares us for any door related-repair.

Choose Door Repair NYC Company, for all your door repair needs.

What do we do? We Install Commercial Interior And Exterior Doors

Most of the time, the first item people notice when they walk into a store or business is the front door. Doors offer not only offer security from the outside elements but also prevent unwanted personnel from entering your property. Beyond that, doors lend a sense of style and decor.

Emergency Door Reapir NYC

As a large city door company, we offer emergency services for all door repairs and will come to your location. Our friendly associates are here to answer all your door related problems and concerns. We will do our best to solve the problem so your door will function at its best. We can custom make the exact door you need to meet the specs of your building’s look and code. We get the job done right the first time, every time.

Keep Your Commercial Storefront In Top Shape

Keeping front doors well kept and maintained means creating an engaging and enjoyable shopping experience for your customers.

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New Installation

One of our goals is your utmost satisfaction.

At Door Repair NYC, we take pride in providing you with the latest products and installation methods, as well as prompt and reliable services. As such, we guarantee superior results and satisfaction.

Entrance door installation performed by qualified experts is of the utmost importance because we combine knowledge and safety. We also provide the experience and honest service necessary for customers to feel comfortable. As a result, we have more happy customers.