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Commercial Locks

Commercial Locks & Accessories

As part of our door security service, we offer commercial lock installation.

Type of commercial hardware:

locks 0004 Magnetic lock
commercial card lock

Electronic Locks

locks 0003 deadbolts


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locks 0000 push buttom digital

Push Button

Biometric Locks

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We’re able to tackle all types of installations quickly because our technicians use the latest tools and equipment for service tasks. What’s more, they each have a decade or more of experience!

Commercial Locks

We offer a large selection of commercial-grade door locks in the form of knobs, levers, and deadbolts. There are 3 grades of commercial locks, with ANSI Grade 1 being the best. Grade 1 locks are tested to withstand 1 million opening/closing cycles and 10 strikes of 75 pounds of force. On the other end, grade 3 locks can withstand 800,000 opening and closing cycles and 2 strikes of 75 pounds of force. We also offer UL listed locks, which are tested to stand up against forcing, drilling, sawing, prying, picking, and bumping.

When dealing with many commercial settings it is necessary to install ADA Compliant Door Hardware. In cases like this remember many of our door levers are ADA Compliant, but doorknobs are not. The choice you make for your door thus depends on the level of security you require. 

Fresh Lock Installed On A Wood Door

Below you can see a lock installation on a wood front door.  Fresh installations on a front door can be challenging given that a new hole needs to be drilled before the installation can occur. This means that it’s really easy to make irreparable damage to the door and cause unexpected expenses in the long run.

New Lock Installation 0000 Layer 6


Here you can see the door before the installation.

New Lock Installation 0007 Layer 7


We drilled a hole in the door for the new locking system.

New Lock Installation 0001 Layer 5


A look at the new door from a distance.

New Lock Installation 0002 Layer 4


We installed a gold door strike plate on the wooden frame.

New Lock Installation 0006 Layer 0


You can see the High-Security deadbolt system after the installation.

New Lock Installation 0004 Layer 2


Made for interior doors, this surface-mounted deadbolt with a thumb turn is constructed of solid brass and comes complete with an emergency release slot.

New Lock Installation 0003 Layer 3


We had to adjust the push bar in place (from the inside).

New Lock Installation 0005 Layer 1


The fire department approved the crossbar device.

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Commercial Locks Installation

Our qualified locksmiths at Door Repair NYC are extremely knowledgable and skilled at lock installation and repair. We offer a swift and efficient installation process that uses the most effective lock systems available to the public. Furthermore, we offer a variety of lock installation services for commercial properties including the following: exterior/front door locks, bedrooms, bathrooms, and even windows. Additionally, Door Repair NYC offers high-security cylinders and top-notch locks from renowned companies like Medeco, Mul-T-Lock, Assa Abloy, and more.

Our locksmith technicians will install locks throughout your store/office quickly and efficiently, ensuring that your business is secured. Once the process is complete, they will provide you with keys for each designated lock. Another thing that sets us apart is that we value our customers and guarantee great service at an affordable price point.

locks header
Exit Device With Lock 0000 Alarm Digital Keypad Lock

What You Can Try Before Contacting Door Repair NYC?

Modern locks have several moving parts and they need to be well-lubricated in order to work well and minimize wear-and-tear. If you are experiencing any trouble turning your key once it is inside a lock, a good first step would be to lubricate it by simply spraying a small amount of oil (or a similar lubricant) into the keyhole.

    Reasons For Changing To A New Locking System
    • Moving to a new place: The reason we strongly advise buying new locks for your new office/store/business is that copies of keys may have been distributed over the years. 


    • A break-in: At the very least, we recommend people replace their keys after a break-in. New York crime statistics show that nearly all of the burglaries in which entrance was gained through a door did not involve forced entry.


    • Lost or stolen keys: If a set of keys to the store or office is lost, the first assumption should be that someone who wishes to gain access to your premises has the keys. This is because security experts such as ourselves preach preparedness, so if anyone in your staff loses a key, you should strongly consider replacing your business’ locks.

    How to choose the best locksmith for your business?

    There are plenty of companies that offer commercial locksmith services in New York, so how do you know which one to hire?

    First of all, always look for technicians who are certified and associated with an organization like ALOA (Associated Locksmiths of America). Make sure they have plenty of experience, especially with your type of business. They should be friendly and provide around-the-clock support in case of emergencies. Door Repair NYC checks all of these boxes!

    We strive hard to provide locksmith services of the highest standards; we have a quick response time and follow the state rules and regulations of New York in our day-to-day operations. You can expect quality service from us and our staff, regardless of your specific needs!

    Process of installing a new lock:
    1. Our customers have options of high security, heavy-duty locks to choose from, they can either request a quote over the phone or online.
    2. Upon receiving a quote for the installation we schedule the service around the convenience of the client. (most cases are done on the same day).
    3. When our locksmith technicians finish installing the parts we make sure that the client is given instructions on how to use the lock.

    Commercial Locksmith In NYC

    We are proud of our excellent services and projects. Door Repair NYC offers security door services to commercial customers. Whether you are an apartment owner or a business; you are familiar with the commercial security essentials that are much needed today. Our dedicated team looks forward to adding you to our community of satisfied customers.

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