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Since commercial doors are used more frequently than the average residential door, you might expect some parts to break down from wear and tear. 

Commercial Door Repair Manhattan

At Door Repair NYC, we take pride in providing you with the latest products and installation methods, as well as prompt and reliable service. As such, we guarantee superior results and your utmost satisfaction.

Is your door not closing flush? Or maybe your entry door is not staying closed?

When your business’ door isn’t closing properly, it can severely slow down production and business ongoings altogether. We know you don’t have the time to waste, and that is why we will send our team to help as soon as possible. We fix door-related problems daily. Our repair service is fast, and we will let you know the price upfront. In most cases, we can repair the door on the same day.

door repair
door removed

Glass Door

Glass Door Repair

  • Storefront glass door and hardware offered
  • Supply and installation of glass doors
  • Commercial glass door parts sold and installed
  • Emergency glass repair
  • Concealed door closers available
Glass Doors

Aluminum Door

Aluminum Doors With Glass

  • Aluminum doors and frames available
  • Surface-mounted door closers sold and installed
  • Entrance aluminum doors serviced
  • Supply and installation of aluminum door
Aluminum Doors

Wood Door

Wood Door Service

  • Supply and installation of wood doors
  • Alignments for wood doors
  • Commercial wood door sold and installed
  • Wood door with glass inserts
  • Related door parts
Wood Doors

Fireproof Door Repair

Fireproof Door Repair

  • Emergency fireproof door repair
  • Supply and installation of various fireproof doors
  • Fireproof door parts 
Fireproof Doors

Doors NYC

While we are trained and capable of doing more than just repairs– we can also diagnose any problem you are having with your door and get it back to working order in no time at all. Some of the most common reasons people call us regarding their commercial doors include issues with the door closer, dents, or more severe functional damage.

Please see below for photos of our latest work

Sidewalk Cellar Doors NYC

Cellar Door

Whether you need new cellar door replacement, or if you are looking for cellar door repair, we can help.

Also called basement access doors and sidewalk cellar, these are usually made out of steel, (Diamond Metal Plates). If your cellar door is damaged, bent, broken or wobbly, it needs to be either fixed or replaced. This is considered an emergency because passersby could be badly injured if your sidewalk cellar door is not in proper working order!

Custom sized cellar doors to fit your opening are also available. We ensure your utmost satisfaction.

cellar door before


cellar door after


Professional Emergency Board Up Service

Protect your property and prevent further damage after:

  • Fire damage
  • Storm damage
  • Vandalism

We have the equipment and resources to board up and secure commercial properties until a more permanent solution can be implemented.

Please see our work on the right. Here, we made a very durable temporary board-up door until the new doors could be installed. 

Boarding up outside

A Look From The Outside

Boarding up inside

A Look From The Inside

Hinge Adjustment

A door at an NYU Langone laboratory would not close all the way. As sometimes happens with normal wear and tear, door hinges will need to be readjusted when the hinges shift closer to the frame.

This can also occur due to high humidity since the moisture in the air can cause wood to swell, making a wood door difficult (if not impossible) to close.

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Before the hinge adjustment

lab door,apartment door,frame,hinge,hinges,doorhinges,door adjustment,door repair NYC,commercial doors,commercial door repair,door,door won't close,exterior door won't close,door not closing flush,

After the hinge adjustment

Oil Leaking Door Closer Replacement

Keep your entrance safe by replacing leaking door closers. In doing so, you minimize safety risks to persons entering and exiting a doorway.

If the oil inside the closer drips down it can make floors extremely slick, and more importantly, when the oil drains from the cylinder, the closer’s ability to control the door is lost. If this were to occur, the door would swing freely and could lead to injuries.

leaking door closer

Door Closer Leaking Oil

new door closer

A New Door Closer Installed

The Door Is Grinding Against The Floor

Commercial storefront door adjustment
  • This commercial door was sagging from its frame, causing it to grind against the floor
  • We fixed the problem and got the door back to proper working order in no time.
door is rubbing the floor
verizon door repair 2

Emergency Door Service

Do you have an emergency that requires a door repair service? We can help! We provide repairs on doors (glass, aluminum, wood, and fireproof), including emergency board-up service. This means we can secure your premises until the new door is installed and fully functional.

Around the clock, service is available, including on most holidays. We can also provide you with regular door maintenance so that you have confidence that your door will always work properly.

Our company works in the New York City area. This covers Manhattan, the Bronx, Staten Island, Queens, and Brooklyn. We also serve Long Island (both Nassau and Suffolk Counties).

Excellent customer service

  • Our team always responds in a timely manner
  • We listen to what our customers have to say
  • Customers are treated with respect
  • After-hour emergency service offered
  • Our staff is knowledgeable, with decades of experience

Our commitment to you: Providing you the professional repair you need– on time and at a fair price.

glass door repair
exit door with door closer and exit device

At Door Repair NYC, we take pride in providing you with the most advanced door products.