Biometric Locks: The Future of Commercial and Residential Safety

Fingerprint Digital Door Lock

What is a Biometric Lock?

Biometric locks, otherwise known as smart locks, provide the technological capacity to open your door via optic, fingerprint, or vascular pattern recognition. In this article, we will focus solely on the fingerprint adaptation of the lock given its greater popularity. A biometric door lock will require the fingerprint, as well as a pin, to unlock your door. This two-step security process ensures that there are no verification errors. Only authorized personnel can gain access to your property.

Bio Matic Fingerprint Door Lock

Are Biometric Locks Secure?

While the security a biometric lock provides is highly reliant on the quality of its hardware and software, it is generally not considered physically safer than a standard lock. However, these systems have been proven to lower the risk of undesired and potentially dangerous breaches given their use of accurate personal identifiers.

These locks respond to your fingerprint and are considered much more secure compared to others!

What are the Benefits of a Biometric Lock?

The locks provide a record of activity, which may provide useful information regarding a security breach if it were to occur.Another advantage of a biometric lock is the convenience associated with unlocking it, since you do not have to carry a key. Nevertheless, biometric locks come with a fail-safe key in case the electric power source of the lock fails.

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Business Applications and Scalability

Rather than mandating that employees carry a certification badge or a security card, implementing biometric locks in the commercial facility provides for greatly more manageable and efficient access control, particularly as it pertains to entrances, exits, and passageways to high-security areas.

Additionally, the convenience of fingerprint locks can be rendered just as scalable as the rest of your business. In today’s day and age, adding data for new employees or expanding current data to secure additional areas of the facility is an extremely simple process—and is one that will undoubtedly prevent you from losing control of your business’ safety as it grows. All in all, the resources, time, and money you will save with a biometric security system could benefit your business tremendously.

How to decide bettwn keypad and fingerprint locks?

Schlage Z Wave Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt with Built In Alarm

The best way to decide which lock is for you is to think about what type of security you need for your business.

Here is some helpful information to help you with your decision:


To use keyless, keypad lock you can simply punch in the access code into the keypad on the lock, and… “Open Sesame”- the door is open.

Keypad  locks provide additional flexibility beyond the traditional solution:

  • You can set a temporary code for visiters.
  • Change codes as much as you need too.

One example for a keyless keypad lock is Schlage Z-Wave Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt with Built-In Alarm, you can buy this lock online or call a locksmith to supply and install it for you.

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Keyless Entry Smart Door Lock


Locks with biometric reading capability provide some of the most secure authentication on the planet, because after all, nobody else has the same fingerprint that you do. It’s vandal-resistant, which means that your prints cannot be lifted from the lock, and its BioNano algorithm is impenetrable, which means that there’s no way for potential hackers to illegally connect to (or communicate with) your lock. If you’re looking for a lock that can secure the most sensitive areas of your business, fingerprint locks are a perfect fit.

Fingerprint Locks Conclusion

Keep in mind that installing a fingerprint door lock does not mean that all your security woes can be thrown out the window. Take the time to understand which fingerprint door lock will work best for your home or business, and then see if the security features that it has been enough to keep your property secure.

Of course, you can further enhance the effectiveness of biometrics by adding a deadbolt to the door and using locks that also take a key and/or a combination keypad.


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