Keypad, Keyless Entry System For Businesses

Among the different kinds of business security that are now available, Keyless Entry System options are becoming popular. These keyless entry types locks help to deal with some of the risks of more traditional lock types. Unlike the traditional door lock system, keypad door locks do not have any use for keys.

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digital key pad installation
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Digital key pad

Keyless Entry Door Lock

Creating safer working areas with Keyless Entry System. Safety is a big concern on everyone’s mind. Today, there is no better way to ensure the safety and protection of workes, than by installing keyless access control.

It’s also the best way to protect faculty and staff, as well as valuable equipment.

Options To Use Keless Entry Systems

  • Key card
  • Key fob
  • Key pad
  • Mobile device (smartphone, a tablet, or another mobile gadget)
Replacing The Door Traditional Lock With A Keyless Lock

You may ask yourself: How much security your business needs? Is a keyless lock is the right answer for you? You can call Door Repair NYC, our technition would love to show you diffrent options of keyless locks.

PIN pads can be a great addition to electric access systems for the purpose of backup in case something goes wrong. That way no one needs to know the PIN code.

The modern office with electronic locks utilizes a keypad either as a secondary access option, alongside another security access control system, or as a stand-alone access point (usually for backroom storage). Often, the keypad is integrated into another security system, such a card for readers or inbuilt with fingerprint scanners on each button. The ease in which it can be installed also makes it a very common accessory for electronic locks, most notably magnetic locks and sometimes electric strikes too. 

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