Commercial Panic Bar

Panic Door Hardware Installation

We offer panic bar installation and repair service of the leading manufacturers in the market, including Von Duprin, Adams Rite, Falcon, Jackson, Dorma, Detex, Yale, Sargent and more. Our range of Panic Exit Devices reliably secure egress doors in accordance with all applicable fire and safety code requirements.

Single and double fire safety door panic bar sets. Options of side locking, vertical single or double locking. Internal exit only panic bars with added options of external key and handles.

How does a panic bar on a door work?

A panic bar on a door works by pushing on the device, that causes a latch mechanism to retract. A panic bar, which is also referred to as a crash bar, is a device found on the inside of a door in buildings, such as school, hospitals and hotels. Adding a panic bar to your door is a great safety feature because it bypasses locks, giving you an immediate exit in an emergency.

Panic exit devices

Panic Exit Devices are designed to provide single action push type emergency egress from buildings such as places of public entertainment, or commercial and industrial complex’s where levers or knobs may not be suitable due to the use of manufacturing materials such as oils or fluids that would make it impossible to operate a single action downward device.

Single door panic exit installation on a glass door or narrow stile door:
While the measurements on the push bars may seem to fit the stile of your door, (a stile is the vertical area on the sides of the door that you are going to use for mounting commercial door hardware) standard one point latch bars have some complications when using outside trim or with any glass doors. Outside trim increases the width of the stile needed to approximately 5 inches. Also with glass doors the aesthetics of what is seen through the door should be considered. With a standard panic exit device the rear is not meant to be seen and would not be pleasing to see-through the glass.

Dual door panic exit bar installation when doors overlap:
The number one instinct when equipping a dual door with panic exit bars is to put top and bottom 2 point latch vertical rod panic exit bars on each door. However if there is an overlap this would restrict exiting to a single door. Check out our video above for a demonstration on why to pair a side latch 1 point crash bar with a 2 point crash bar.

Access door from the exterior:
Commercial panic exit devices are designed the same in which you will always have a manual exit from the building, that choice is easy. Although what is not as easy to decide if and how to allow access from the exterior. Depending on the purpose of the door you may determine to not have any door trim on the outside at all. If the door is not a heavily used exterior door you may use a crash bar with cylinder lock access and put a dummy pull handle on the outside. This would result in key access only and automatic locking as soon as the key is removed from the door. If the door is heavily used outside trim such as knob or lever handles can be used. In this case the handle would be locked or unlocked and general access can be allowed. Lastly for higher security properties that must allow general access electronic access can be paired with all of the surface mount panic exit bars. This has nearly unlimited variations of access possibilities.