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At NYC Doors, we offer commercial exterior doors, interior doors, barn doors and hardware products. Founded in 2008, we have always strive to become the one-stop shop for high quality doors at an unparalleled value.

Making Sure The Product Is Right For Your Needs

Making sure our customers get the right product at the right price has been at the center of our success. Builders, architects, interior designers, carpenters, homeowners and people of the trade trust us to deliver stunning doors at a great value.

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Quality Commercial Door NYC

We take pride in offering commercial doors that are different by design, quality, and reasonably priced. We offer a professional team, providing specialized product support and designer advice, a type of service you should expect from an expert.

Doors go through a never-ending cycle of being pulled open and pushed closed, which strains hinges, door jambs and latches. The constant wear and tear means they may stop closing properly.

Doors And The Condition Of The Building

In addition to the doors, the condition of the building is also a significant consideration in the operational activity and an adding indicator of the problems that may occur. By building condition, we are referring to its structural integrality in regards to the door openings. They should be plumb, with solid jambs and doors that swing open and closed and latch without external resistance.

Standards of Practice

A relevant inspection protocols and standards of practice on exterior doors, such as fire separation doors, storefront doors, roll-up doors and egress doors is requiered. Inspection protocol for exterior doors generally follows building code requirements, as it should.

Finding Solutions To Door Problems

Finding solutions to commercial door problems requires taking the time necessary to reveal the causes of the problems. We are carefully listening to your door concerns and often coming up with a creative solution. So we can solve your problems using the proper methods. Door Repair NYC offer door repair solutions that can save you time and money!