Garage Door Openers

We offer professional installation and repairs for both residential and commercial garage door systems and openers. Our technicians repair garage door openers and we replace garage door openers. We carry all of the necessary components on our trucks to repair most garage door openers. If you have a newer model garage door opener that meets UL325 specifications, that motor can often be repaired.

We start every job with a 25-point inspection, so you can be confident that you’ll know exactly what the problem is with your opener before having to make a decision.

Our openers are extremely safe and they last longer because we install them correctly the first time!

For maximum security and convenience, we offers a full line of powerful garage door openers:

Garage openers are truly one of the best types of innovation that we have today. It allows us to feel protected and safe since we no longer requirement to by hand open and close our garage door.

Belt Drive
Belt drive garage door openers are the quietest on the market, and the belts are typically warrantied for life so dependability is not a problem. Warranties may depend on the manufacturer, but we’ll let you know prior to the installation. Because they are dependable and so quiet, belt drives are considered to be the “top of the line” garage door openers. The only down side is price; belt drives are a little more expensive than other types of openers.
Chain Drive
Chain drive garage door openers are the stalwart of the industry. They are ultra reliable and less expensive than the belt drive which makes them a popular choice. Chain drive openers can be a good choice to save a little money when your garage is not attached to your home.
Screw Drive
Screw drive garage door openers use a lifting mechanism that moves along a threaded steel rod. They are powerful units and because they have few moving parts, require little maintenance. While the performance of these machines has been improved in recent years, typically the older units are not as quiet as the belt drive units and can be affected by cold weather climates.
Direct Drive Opener (Jackshaft)
This specially designed garage door opener is mounted to the wall beside the garage door. It frees up ceiling space that can now be used for maximum storage and provides a perfect solution for low and cathedral ceilings. This is a DC motor that is extremely quiet.

It is adjacent to the door on the front wall rather than hung down from the middle of the garage’s ceiling.

Note: As the garage door opener expanded into suburban communities, frequency disturbance ended up being common for a time. One person’s garage door opener would activate a next-door neighbor’s garage door.