Here we explain how hinges can cause doors not to close properly.

Although it can also happen by a leaking door closer, in this article we are going to focus on the door hinges.

We’ll explore the different type of hinges, in storefront doors as well as wooden doors.

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Replaced & adjusted pivot hinges, and installed new overhead concealed floor closer.

Entrance Door Hinges

We can find three types:

Hidden barrel – Invisible when the door is closed to help provide a neat appearance.

Lift-offAllow the door to be removed without having to uninstall the hinges, making them suitable for businesses that receive frequent deliveries and in high-traffic areas.

Spring – Providing a more economical solution than automatic door closers for keeping doors closed in residential, hospitality, and healthcare facilities.

glass door hinge

What are pivot hinges?

Pivot hinges for doors, as pictured on the left, are used for storefront doors that have heavy glass doors with high traffic. Additionally, pivot hinges are concealed, thus adding to the elegance of the storefront’s door.

Pivot hinges are able to carry more weight than butt hinges. They are effective with large doors because the majority of the weight of the door would be supported by the bottom pivot and the ground- this offsets the majority of the weight from the door’s frame.

pivot hinges for doors
The most common methods used to repair door hinges (and thus, door function):

The angle can be adjusted. Doing so alters the direction of the pivot on the door itself and as such prevents a door from rubbing on a carpet, the frame, or the floor.

Usually, we alter the elevation of the bottom hinge. when we want to rais the door itself, we use specialized flat discs with a thickness of 0.0393 inches. Therefore, in this way, we can rais the door so slightly, allowing its opening or closing with minimal effort. As a result, we are preventing damage to the surrounding environment or excessive noise. 

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The door is making noise when opening and closing

In this video, a conference room door was making excessive noise upon closing. Our expert technicians replaced the CRL Top Door Patch Mid-Size for 3/8″ Glass to get the door closing smoothly again.

how many hinges on a door
Home Doors – Wood Doors

How many hinges your door needs depends on the size and weight of it. These factors will also determine which type of hinge and hardware are best for your door.

Wood door is rubbing against the frame or against the saddle?

door hinge

On the latch side, a door is cut at a slight bevel to make it easier to close. In case a door binds, open it, grasp the knob, and lift up to see if a hinge is loose. If one is loose remove two or more screws and try driving in longer screws.

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Adjusting hinges on interior wood doors

It’s common when a hinge brake on an interior door, in many cases it’s fast and easy to replace the broken hinge with a new one.

Take a look at “Fixing A Door That Sticks Can Hinge On Several Factors”,

Although it was published on June 15, 1986, in the NY Times, it still contains helpful information.

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