Here we explain what are the benefits of Automatic Balanced Doors;

Although its benefits are like any other commercial storefront doors; efficiently and quick to open, automatic balanced doors offer one important advantage  – they don’t take up very much space.

Open and close more easily, even under the stack pressure condition or strong wind.


We can find these types:

  1. Aluminum Balanced Doors
  2. Glass Frameless Balanced Doors
  3. Stainless Steel Monumental Balanced Doors

Adjusting Hinges

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Conventional hinged doors require more force or strength to open.

The door design uses the differential of interior and exterior air pressure to facilitate the opening of the door. The imposed forces, whether wind or stack draft suction, are balanced on each side of the pivot in a ‘see-saw’ fashion.

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Aluminum Balanced Doors and Frames are available for budget-sensitive projects. These doors offer the look of a Fancy Storefront Door at the cost of a clad aluminum door. All our aluminum doors are blocked and welded to provide long-lasting performance and durability.

Door Size

The actual size of a balanced door is determined with each project and depends on the frequency of use, the application, door configuration (stile and rail, tempered glass, narrow stile), and the materials used to construct the door.

Service And Support

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Balanced door design uses the differential of interior and exterior air pressure to facilitate opening of the door.

Service And Support

Our technicians, fix doors on a daily basis, they are knowable and very experienced. We know that when doors start to become hard to open and close, it’s a bad idea to ignore it since it almost always will get worse.

door closer

Closers for Balanced Doors are available for a wide variety of applications. Whether you have an interior, aluminum storefront or glass door DRNYC (Door Repair NYC) has the solution for you.

Door Closers come in a wide variety of makes, models and finishes. In a commercial environment the volume of traffic associated with the opening should dictate the intervals for service of any door closer mechanism. 

If you are looking to repair or replace an existing door closer or parts,  we can help with the selection process, size, and mounting.