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Access Control

Access control is used for a wide variety of situations, from protecting your home to monitoring visitors to commercial buildings, and industrial estates. In the last few years, the access control sector has evolved dramatically in sophistication and functionality. There are a wide range of access control units available ensuring that you can find one that suits your exact needs.

Access Control System can help you manage who gets access to specific areas, what access they have, when they are allowed to access those areas, where they have access to and why they need to access those areas. Access can be controlled using any combination or the following methods; Fingerprint (biometric) verification, Key Card, Key Fob, PIN Code verification or even Facial Recognition Verification.

Access Control System

We install access control systems for residential, commercial, retail and industrial clients and have an extensive range of brands. We offer the most sophisticated and advanced access control systems including biometric access control, swipe card, proximity cards, pin pads, wired, and wireless systems and any other feature or type you may want or need.

No longer will you have to worry about how many keys there are floating around out there with access to your location.  If someone loses a key, you are left vulnerable to whoever finds that key.  If your employee loses their access card, simply turn it off and issue a new card. All management can be accessed from any internet accessible computer or tablet in the world, leaving you free to manage your building access from truly anywhere.

Proximity Card Access Control System

At Door NYC, we attach great importance to service and support. We offer related security solutions, such as: proximity card access control system or hid card access control system, biometric readers and other security systems like high security locks. Proximity cards – Find standard & custom prox cards from AlphaPass, HID, Indala, Casi, Keri & Schlage — at the BEST Prices guaranteed!

We offer same day, quality and cost-effective service in repairs, replacements, maintenance, on all door types, glass and security hardware.

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In the fields of physical security and information security, access control is the selective restriction of access to a place or other resource. The act of accessing may mean consuming, entering, or using.

Access Systems’ products provide your business with the technology it’s need to deliver sophisticated security solutions—from the simplest to the most challenging.

Security Locks – Magnetic Lock RepairElectric Strike Repair

We install and provide services for Magnetic Lock and Electric Strike as well as door closers and all door adjustment. Troubleshooting Electric Strike Repair and Magnetic Lock Repair is what our technicians on a daily basis. We have the knowledge and the experience to repair these locks.

Magnetic Lock

Compatible with any access control system magnetic door locks meet the demands of security professionals, and the most rigorous building and fire life safety codes in the world. With no moving parts to bind or wear out, the Security Door Controls electromagnetic door lock provides positive, instantaneous release, whether caused by a signal from the fire command center, remote control or access control.